I am an author with a mission to make technological subjects accessible to all

Anna Mary ManningMy latest manuscript is a home optimisation method based on computer science. Rather than a book, I am coaching it. I have designed this method over many years and you can find out more about it in my blog or by contacting me at anna@ammauthorship.com

My first book was about databases and small business. My second (co-authored with my husband, Howard Jennings) brings the description of the Enigma machine and related codebreaking during the Second World War to the level of the nontechnical reader. I have found that books about the Enigma machine generally gloss over the mathematics or assume a high level of understanding. We have a publishing contract for this book but the date of publication has not yet been announced.

I have always liked numbers and I studied maths to degree level. After postgraduate study I worked as a research scientist in computation for several years at Manchester University. I have also worked for the third sector and have been working from home in Chester, UK, since 2014.

I am also passionate about my food and love to cook. In my spare time I love to travel, particularly to places where the food is good. Spain, Italy and France are favourites. I also ride a tandem with my husband, usually to country pubs that have great food!