Many believe that happiness comes from within – a larger house won’t make you happy or a faster car. However, your home – large or small – can have a significant impact on your level of happiness.

Social support: The ability to build and maintain meaningful relationships with friends and family is fundamental to your level of happiness. Your home can really help with this. If you are comfortable asking people round to your home, spending time with them there and are able to strengthen relationships this will increase your happiness. And the same is true for those who live under the same roof. Clearly, if you are ashamed of your home and feel uneasy asking people round, the converse could be true.

A clearer mind: When your home is in order the impact can be quite far-reaching. People feel more peaceful in a clean and tidy house. Even if they don’t practise mindfulness directly, it is likely that people will feel calmer and that their overall well-being will improve. An organised home can clarify the mind and leave it open to focus on other things such as a person’s passions. Having a sense of purpose can be fulfilling and bring happiness. A clear mind can mean that that a person is able to focus on the good things, practise gratitude and try to see challenges as opportunities for growth. The mind will be less cluttered with worry about how the home looks.

Greater health: A well-organised, tidy and clean home has the potential to lead to greater health. E.g., cooking is far more enjoyable in a clean and tidy kitchen and is fundamental to good health. People often sleep better in a tidy bedroom. I’ve found that if there are clear areas of floor space in my home then I am more likely to exercise there: e.g., follow a yoga video. Physical well-being is closely linked to mental well-being and happiness. A comfortable and cosy home environment can make you feel relaxed and content which is healthy in itself. And an organised home can reduce stress and make daily tasks easier to manage.

A sense of belonging: Decorating your home with items that reflect your personality and style can create a sense of belonging and satisfaction.

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What brings you most happiness about your home?

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