We’d all like to eat healthily – ideally to prepare our own meals from scratch every day.

So, what is stopping us?

One factor could be TIME.

How could we make the process more efficient, particularly if we are working from home?

Many aspects of the meal can be prepared in advance – at a time convenient to you. In fact, in some circumstances, the meal would taste better if parts of it were prepared at an earlier stage.

My favourite meal is stir-fried lime and chilli prawns with vegetables.

For this meal the prawns need to be marinaded in lime juice, sesame oil, soy sauce and other ingredients and could be started as much as 24 hours in advance and left in the fridge. This length of time would give the flavours plenty of time to permeate the prawns. YUM!

At the end of the recipe, I like to sprinkle toasted sesame seeds, chopped spring onions and some fresh coriander on top of the plates of food. I don’t want to be preparing these toppings when the stir-fry is nearly done as, unless I can find someone else to help, I’d be under rather a lot of stress. Much better to do it at the beginning and set aside until the end OR do it earlier in the day.

Chopping the vegetables does not need to be done immediately before cooking and can be done earlier in the day – perhaps during spare snippets of time – such as when the kettle is boiling, when you’re taking a short break from work etc.

Clearly, some parts of the recipe cannot be done in advance. However, by approaching the evening meal with much of the preparation already done it seems like a much less arduous task. The prawn stir-fry takes perhaps requiring ten to fifteen minutes of cooking time when everything is prepared.

You have slotted the marinading, the chopping of vegetables, the preparation of the toppings into convenient gaps throughout your day.

And the outcome is that you will have a meal that is fresh and healthy for yourself and your family.

You are left with a set-up not unlike those that can be delivered to your door ready to go.

All you need to do is to choose what you’re going to drink and who is going to lay the table!

What is your favourite meal and how would you break it down into efficient parts and prepare some in advance?

If you’d like a copy of my prawn stir-fry recipe then please email me at anna@ammauthorship.com

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