The part of my coaching course that I am most proud of is to DRAMATICALLY speed up the process of sorting socks.

The course considers household tasks and speeds them up using methods from computer science – these methods are easy to learn.

In its worst case, pairing socks is an exponential problem – you have no doubt come up with your own method. The worst approach is to work with a pile of socks, pull one out and then search through the remaining pile until you find a match. For example, if it takes 4 minutes pair 16 socks it will take at worst 16 minutes to pair 32 and at worst 256 minutes to pair 64.

I have designed a LINEAR approach – so if it takes 4 minutes to pair 16 socks it will take approximately 8 to pair 32 and approximately 16 to pair 64.

So, in the worst-case scenario, my method is 16 times faster.

I have a favourite pair of socks. I bought three pairs from Seasalt and gave two pairs to my sister as part of her Christmas present last year. They are my favourites not only because they are lovely, warm fleecy socks but, also, whenever I wear them, they remind me of my sister and her family.

Do you have a favourite pair of socks and WHY are they your favourites?

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